Month: May 2016

How Can a Difficult Challenge Serve You

How can a difficult challenge serve you? You need to tap new inner resources to deal with it. We too often rely on the old habits in our mind and find comfort in them. When your old habits don’t meet your challenge, you are forced to explore inner resources you seldom use. The challenge, for instance, is a chronic Illness you are dealing with, like multiple sclerosis. Before that illness, you had not been taught how to deal with MS, so you had to learn how your inner resources could deal with it. An illness is a challenge that almost everyone will have to deal with at some time in their life. Every challenge has the same benefit; you just have to be open to use it as a valuable learning experience. Here is an example of a lesson learned while dealing with a struggle:

The art of conscious goal-setting requires you to use your powerful inner resources without the limitations created by your mind. This article will teach you simple techniques to use when you face a health crisis. You will be forced to use powerful inner resources to save your life. Why can’t you use these resources to accomplish your goals?

For instance, MS is an illness that even the most prestigious doctors do not know how to cure. A patient would find that if they looked outside for answers, they could become a victim. Deep inside everyone is the Wisdom of the Body. It is beyond one’s thinking mind in silence where concepts cannot capture this wisdom. If they stayed on the level of thinking, they would ignore this inner wisdom. Almost everybody has experienced a beyond-thought moment. Call it a peak experience, the zone or anything that represents a super-human endeavor. It happens to mothers in childbirth and to athletes in sports, but it is more common than most people think.

When a person enters the moment with a strong will to live, they unlock the door to this inner wisdom. Ignoring the moment, where random thoughts take you away from “what is”, inner wisdom is but an idea. We would never consciously trade a random thought for this depth, but that is what we do when we follow thoughts instead of our breath. Consciously breathing anchors you in the moment. When you are in the moment, you naturally have a strong will to live and every challenge becomes a test to see where your focus is. This may sound difficult, but that test is really a gift. It strengthens your will to live and makes you appreciate every breath you have.

Exploring this inner wisdom is like looking into a mirror, where you can see the roots of your being. The phenomenon of human life, even on a most subtle level, is a miracle. What does it take to swallow? To blink your eyes? To digest your food? This happens beyond a thinking mind on the level of the autonomic nervous system. This is a level of wisdom we all have, but seldom appreciate. When we face a challenge we cannot control, we are forced beyond our everyday thinking. We dig deep and things bubble up from a depth we seldom anticipate. This is where real creativity comes from. When you are comfortable exploring this depth, you would be surprised by your potential.

Without a challenge that forces us to this depth, we would seldom be open to it. This is how difficult challenges serve us. We can either avoid dealing with these challenges, like most people do, or we can be open to explore this beyond-thought reality. It is really up to you to have a focus not limited to thinking, so appreciate the challenges you are forced to deal with.

Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Keys to a Healthy LifestyleModern life is full of stress and everyday problems. We have to be healthy and full of energy to cope with all of them. Every morning we rush to work and sometimes just don’t have enough time for breakfast. We don’t even have a minute to realise that skipping breakfast we deprive our mind and body of vital energy. Breakfast is the most important meal and we need it to start a new day. It is necessary to eat carbohydrates for breakfast as they are the best source of energy and don’t convert into fat. During lunchtime we hurry to the nearest cafe and swallow the food almost without chewing because we don’t want to be late for work. The fact is that when we don’t chew the food properly, we may swallow food fragments that are still too big for our stomach to break down, which may cause heaviness and even pain in the stomach. Coming home after work we eat until we can’t move because we skipped breakfast and didn’t eat the lunch properly and the body tries to compensate for the lack of energy. Than we have a rest on the sofa in front of the TV-set. It is all very unhealthy and may cause obesity.

There is the first key to health:

Food – it is very important to think how and what we eat because it affects our health and well-being a lot. No wonder that people pay attention to their eating more and more, trying to find out healthy foods. Positive eating habits will last our lifetime. For example during the last 50 years, life expectancy in the USA increased by 8 years to 78, while Japan has the highest average life expectancy with 83 years.

How to eat properly:

  1. Don’t ever skip breakfast, which should include healthy carbohydrates – corn flakes, porridge, eggs.
  2. Drink water – people should drink up to 3 litres of pure water daily. Also the water is recommending to drink 15 minutes before every meal and 1.5 hours after eating.
  3. Eat at least 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day.
  4. Don’t eat right before you go to bed, and after dinner try to do some exercises or to go for a walk.
  5. Try to eat light food for evening meals, so that your stomach manages to digest it before you fall asleep.

There is a lot to write about healthy eating, but even these 5 points will make you feel healthier.

Sports – it’s not a secret but doing sports will improve your health. You don’t have to become a champion – doing some exercises every day will help you become more fit and have a positive impact on your mental health and mood. No doubt, you will feel much better after a short run or a workout instead of usual watching TV.

List of sports you can be engaged in:

  1. Running – especially doing it early in the morning when the air is not warm yet, but fresh and cool to give you enough energy for the following day.
  2. Gym – is there anything better than an hour in the gym after a long working day?
  3. Swimming – it develops your lungs and makes almost all your muscles work. You can do swimming once-twice a week and combine it with any other activity.
  4. Yoga – it will strengthen your body, and moreover, it will help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind and fight stress.
  5. Biking – it is not only useful and healthy, but also fun. You can strengthen your body while having a good time.

Peace of mind – actually our health depends not only on our physical state but also on our mental one. Even if you are completely healthy physically, but if you always worry about something and feel anxiety, you may get very sick. There are real cases known when the doctors are not able to cure a particular patient, but finally he is cured by achieving peacefulness of mind and finding inner peace.

Tips to improve the state of mind:

  1. Don’t make a fuss – sometimes we worry too much about nothing, what can eventually lead to serious life-threatening illnesses. So much worry because of any trifles that we bring ourselves to a condition of an illness. Think of a problem comparing it with the life in the whole and you will definitely realise that it is not worth worrying about.
  2. Be not anxious for the past and the future – the past will not return, the future will not come earlier. You live today and you should think only of it. Forget about yesterday, you have learned something new and have experienced something different. Analyse the day in the evening and move on.
  3. Find some time to be alone thinking of your life and your goals. When you organize your thoughts you will feel easier to focus on your work and communicate with people around you.
  4. Get a pet. Living with your small “friend” will make you look at the world in a different way. Many happy moments will come to your life, you will become happy and forget about worries.
  5. Read books – it is not easy to find a person reading a book, everyone spends their time on the Internet reading blogs and magazines on social networking sites. Choose a book that is interesting for you and read it before you fall asleep. It will help you to escape the reality and dive into the story described in the book.

Human Body Energy Fields

The human body, composed of seven billion billion billion atoms, is often compared to a machine in that it has an engine, electrical system, movable parts, and a computer on board. Such an analogy ignores four essential body aspects. Ancient as well as contemporary literature has explored human consciousness, spirituality, and the concept of a soul. Within this exploration has been the following four generally non-visible body energy fields: the etheric body, astral body, mental body, and the causal body.

The etheric body, sometimes referred to as the ether-body or aether-body, is the first layer of the human energy field. It provides vitality and life to the physical body. It encompasses electromagnetic, chi, prana, and or Ki vitality. From a science viewpoint, it is composed of subatomic particles. The etheric body also attunes one’s consciousness to universal energy. Blue-violet color radiates from the etheric body. The etheric body is the same shape as the physical body.

Next is the astral energy field and it is generally posited between the mental and causal body energy fields. The idea dates back to at least the time of Plato. Some writers claim it is the spiritual counterpart of the physical body; however, Theosophists indicate the astral body is the link between the human nervous system and the cosmos. The astral body is an exact replica of the physical body and is the instrument of emotions. Like the other generally non-visible body energy fields, it extends beyond the actual physical body. Astral projection utilizes the astral body to travel to other dimensions. Finally, the astral body is a field of energy occupying the same space as the aura, but appears to have a higher degree of flexibility in that it is constantly reshaped by thought and emotion. The astral energy field functions as a vehicle of consciousness, which can exist separately from the physical body even though it is connected to that physical body.

The third body energy field is called the mental body. It presents an interesting challenge particularly in view of the quarrel over the location of the mind. It is believed this mental body energy field is located in the mind. Further, this field is the vehicle of thought vibration and enables the manifestation of the self. Healing at this energy field is stronger, longer lasting than the other three body energy fields. The reason for this is the suspicion that the mind energy field is all encompassing, that is, it exists everywhere in the human physical body

The causal body is the fourth body energy field. It has its roots in Yogic and Vedantic concepts that have been forged into some of the basic principles of Theosophy, esotericism, and spiritual mysticism. It is here that the soul—the spiritual soul that survives the physical death of the body, exists. Since the soul is energy and if one accepts the major premise of the Second Law of Thermodynamics that energy cannot be destroyed, it makes sense then, that the soul survives the death of the body.

Let Go of These 5 Common Mental Habits and Transform Your Life

We all have both good and bad mental habits. Mental habits are those habits that run almost imperceptibly in our mental background. They are our tendencies to think and do things in a certain way. When we have good mental habits, they help us to get what we want in life. On the other hand, when we have bad mental habits, they hinder us from getting what we want out of life.

Mental habits are not set in stones. They can be changed. By letting go or changing our bad mental habits, we can change our lives for the better. Sometimes, simply letting go of one bad mental habit can completely transform our lives.

Here are five negative mental habits we should let go to improve ourselves.

1. Seeking Approval

The root reason why we seek approval from others is because we seek acceptance. And why do we seek acceptance from others? Because we have very little self esteem. We do not regard ourselves as good enough. We think our thoughts, values and ideas are inferior to others.

This tends to happen when we compare ourselves with others, and find ourselves lacking in certain things or areas which we regard as important.

It is important to realize that underneath all the external facade, we are all of the same essence. We are no lesser than anyone else. If you think that you are lesser, it is only because you have the habit of thinking so. You have convinced yourself, through your own negative self talks, that you are lesser than others. The reality is that you are not.

You need to recognize this truth so that you can work ourselves out of the negative mental habit of belittling your own worth.

2. Belittling or Criticizing Others

If you have the tendency to belittle or criticize others, you should realize that this is a symptom of your own inner insecurity. People with good self esteem do not often find it necessary to belittle or criticize others. Only those with poor self esteem do that as a way to boost their own ego, whether they consciously know it or not.

This is not the same as pointing out someone’s bad habits or behaviors in a critical but impersonal way where the focus is on the negative acts (bad habits or behaviors) and not on the person doing them.

3. Denials

If you have the habit of denying your own faults, then it is a reflection of your fear. What exactly are you afraid of? Each time you deny, you should make it a habit to find the answer to that question. Most of the time, you will be pleasantly surprise to find out that your fears are unfounded.

Often, we deny our faults thinking that others will not accept us when they know that we are imperfect. Just as often, we will find out that this belief is not true when we truly challenge it.

One big side effect of denial is that we refuse to take full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. When we do that, we often end up apportioning the blame to others.

4. Comparing Self with Others

Having a habit of frequently comparing ourselves with others is another symptom of a low self esteem and the need to seek acceptance.

We need to realize that we are not meant to live our lives like a carbon copy of others. We are each unique individuals who have different dreams and goals, and therefore there is no need to compare.

However, you can use other people’s success as a guide and motivation for your own goals in life.

5. Negative Self Talks

All of us have negative self talks. That is to say that all of us have doubts about our own self worth at times. This is normal as we are not perfect beings. The important thing is to realize that we have these negative self talks, and we should make the effort to cut down the frequency of these negative self talks. To do that, we need to bring these negative self talks to our conscious awareness. We need to learn to be mindful of their arising.

When we are able to cut down on our negative self talks, we will begin to feel more self worth and better self esteem.