What are the most common reasons for gutter clogging?

Narrow cross section of gutter pipe

You must be careful in your gutters not to narrow the cross section of the pipe. This can be achieved in vertical gutters either with an upwardly widening spout or with a rainwater collection box. Call us for help Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου Μαρκόπουλο.

Rain with soil or mud

Branches and other objects falling on the terrace or roof

Building materials

Which we usually leave on the roof forgotten and with time and rain it clogs our gutters slowly.

Wrong gutter position

The gutter is adapted to discharge only water and rainwater. If its position is tilted, it will probably start collecting other particles that move in the atmosphere or in the air.

What is a vertical gutter?

When the terrace or balcony is located on an elevated space or floor of a building (floor terrace or floor balcony), the vertical pipe that drains the water and connects directly to the municipal sewer is called the vertical gutter. This is where the horizontal piping of the horizontal gutters ends. Vertical gutters are found mainly in the corners of buildings coming down from terraces, balconies, terraces and roofs.

Obstruction of a vertical clogged gutter

No one wants to face the problems that can be created by a clogged vertical gutter. When the vertical gutter can no longer drain the water, call our experienced technicians to block the vertical gutters of your gutters.

The vertical gutter plug is usually caused by plants from the plants we have on our terrace or balcony. From the pots with plants and flowers, the leaves leave the plants and the soil from the pots and end up at the mouth (reception) of the vertical gutter of your terrace or balcony.
With the water that we pour during the watering of the plants, the cleaning of the terrace or the balcony or with the rain water, all the solid materials are led to the socket (mouth) of the gutter.

Any solids that can pass through the mouthpiece protective grid will gradually accumulate along the pipe, blocking the flow of water until the pipe is completely clogged (total blockage) and needs urgent cleaning.

Clogged gutters can therefore damage your home or business, allowing water to enter the basement or create moisture or mold in places.

How can we avoid clogging vertical gutters?

To avoid blocking terrace gutters, roof gutters and roof gutters, the openings and all pipes must be cleaned regularly. Regular sweeping of the terrace or balcony from leaves and soil, especially before the rain, helps to prevent flooding from rainwater.
Especially during the rainy season, keeping clean by wiping should be even more regular and diligent. A sudden storm is enough to cause damage and flooding in your home or business.

How to unblock a clogged vertical gutter?

First we have to clean the mouth of the vertical gutter carefully so that no solid bodies pass through. Then we have to remove the protective grid at the mouth of the vertical gutter and clean the inside of the vertical gutter pipe.

Vertical gutter occlusion methods

To block the vertical gutter we can use various methods of blocking sewer pipes such as chemicals for cleaning pipes, clogging rods, manual snakes, electric snakes, water jet pressing machines, etc. vertical roof gutters, dismantling of gutter pipes, both in homes and businesses.

How to avoid the blockage of the terrace?

The solution to avoid blocking the gutters of your terrace, balcony or terrace, is the regular cleaning of leaves, soil and branches, especially before the rain to avoid flooding from the rain.
A sudden storm on an uncleaned and swept balcony can be enough to block the gutter from the leaves and branches that were on the floor and drifted to the mouth of the gutter.

Leakage control of pipes with thermal camera

By discharging hot water into sinks, bathtubs, basins and siphons and using a thermal chamber for plumbers we can detect water leaks in your sewer system.
A good thermal camera costs a lot of money, but we invest in state-of-the-art equipment so that we can provide the best possible blockage services to our customers.

Seeing with a blockage camera you believe

Advanced technology using a CCTV camera is the fastest and therefore the most economical way to control drains and sewers. The accuracy of the images we can capture is so high that we can identify both current and future problems in your sewer system without any doubt.

Save time and money

With the help of camera remote-control systems, with recording tools designed for the exact purposes of a sewer pipe diagnosis, our experienced obstruction technicians no longer need to physically enter drains.
Now all the images we capture with a special obstruction camera are transferred to mobile imaging units, so there is no delay and difficulty in finding the obstruction problem.
It could not be simpler to deal with a difficult case of clogged drainage now by using the available high technology at our disposal. Confidence comes immediately.
A big advantage is the clarity and quality of digital images, digital photos and digital video that we record in obstruction investigations using a CCTV camera.
Another great advantage is that we can deliver all the images, photos and videos (digital material, digital media) produced on a DVD along with a complete report of the condition of your sewer.
We can of course explain anything that is vague, but we doubt it will be necessary – the quality of the display of our recording tools is so good.

The clarity and detail of CCTV recording is vital to locating the source of the problem. Cracks allow water to escape from the piping. This in turn can cause problems outside the pipe, damaging, over time, the hard core that holds the piping in place.

Larger cracks and holes allow water to enter drains and sewers causing increased flows, while at the same time bringing with them sludge and debris, which reduce the diameter of the drain and then cause blockages.

Small cracks can allow cockroaches, rats and other pests to pass through the sewer system and once they find a path in a building they bring chaos to the people who live and work in it. Suffering from parasites entering buildings is well documented and very dangerous to health.

The good news is that once a fault has been identified in your sewer system, there are solutions that can repair the pipes and all other parts to solve the problem and ensure that the pipes are back in good condition. and fully operational status.

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