1. gelatin collagen

    I’ve never tried gelatin before personally, but I do know other people who swear by it! Thanks for a very informative article!

  2. gelatin collagen

    I know that they say gelatin makes your nails and hair stronger. I’m not sure I could consume enough to make my weak nails stronger, but it’s worth a shot. Thanks so much for sharing at #AnythingGoes.

    • gelatin collagen magknj72@gmail.com

      Sandy, if you are a tea or coffee drinker some put a teaspoon in daily. It does tend to glob so that takes a little getting used to.

    • gelatin collagen magknj72@gmail.com

      Yes, Great Lake Gelatin’s collagen is kosher from grass fed cows. I have read that soy bean products and dark green veggies can produce collagen but that doesn’t really mean they contain it. To get it as a supplement it only comes from animals because it is the main structural protein in connective tissues, like our skin. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. gelatin collagen

    Great information! I’ve had gelatin on my list of things to try for it’s health benefits, but haven’t yet. Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from the Friday’s Blog Booster party.

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