1. gourmet burgers with chives Thomas Ives

    Wow that sounds really good, never thought of using some soy sauce. Will definitely try it next time. #‎DiS‬

    • gourmet burgers with chives magknj72@gmail.com

      Let me know how you like it. I throw all kinds of stuff in when I make them…..I have another post about it-gourmet sliders.

  2. gourmet burgers with chives

    Mmmm… this sounds yummy. I love the addition of soy sauce!

    Thanks for linking up your post on the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


  3. gourmet burgers with chives

    Thanks for the good recipe, Mary. I often add a little curry powder, not enough to dominate the taste but it does add to it.
    Thanks so much for bringing this recipe to Fridays #BlogBoosterParty

  4. gourmet burgers with chives Hillari

    Stopping by to let you know that I found you via @DebbieInShape’s linkup. I’m always looking for ways to jazz up my burgers, this combo looks great!

  5. gourmet burgers with chives Lisa Ehrman

    Yum, the spices in these burgers certainly sound wonderful! And, this is the perfect time to get a new recipe for grilling :) Thanks so much for sharing at Together on Tuesdays!!!

  6. gourmet burgers with chives

    What a neat twist on the burger. And it sounds yummy. Nothing say summer like hamburgers and these are a keeper recipe. Stopping by from Raising Homemakers.

  7. gourmet burgers with chives

    I’ll have to try this. My standard burger actually has BBQ sauce mixed in it. I never measure either. lol. Makes it hard when I’m trying to share a recipe on the blog. ?

    (visiting from A Little R & R Wednesdays)

  8. gourmet burgers with chives

    I love chives and thyme and the soy sauce would be a nice addition so these sound delicious. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes

  9. gourmet burgers with chives Amy

    Yum! I usually use soy sauce to marinade all of my meats and burgers but it’s also because I’m Asian and I put soy sauce in everything! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  10. gourmet burgers with chives

    I love burgers that are seasoned, and this sounds like the perfect combination of flavors. Thanks for sharing on Healhty Living Link Party.

  11. gourmet burgers with chives

    Those sound fantastic! I thought about trying some fresh chives, but just don’t let your chives go to seed. You’ll have chives popping up everywhere! Trust me I know. Don’t have them anymore because we moved. Will give this a go!

    • gourmet burgers with chives magknj72@gmail.com

      I used dried chives. Trying to get rid of all my dried herbs as I am container growing my own now, no room for a garden to pots and grow lights it is! Thanks for stopping by Leslie!

  12. gourmet burgers with chives

    Sounds like a nice change of pace. With it being summer, and the grill being the go to way of cooking around here, we do burgers a lot! And a different way would be great. thanks for sharing.


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  13. gourmet burgers with chives

    I don’t make a lot of burgers in our household. My husband is the burger guy. He loves to make brat burgers. We eat mostly wild boar that he hunts and processes so it is all natural, free range, no hormones or antibiotics, and always butchered and prepared in my kitchen (not my personal favorite part of the process). With ground pork, we found a copy cat brat recipe and use the spice mixture in our burgers. It is delicious! It has nutmeg in it. Strange, but good.

    • gourmet burgers with chives magknj72@gmail.com

      That is great! I’m not a brat person but to hunt and prepare it is great! You know exactly what you are eating that way. That is how I grew up. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

  14. gourmet burgers with chives

    I just made burgers! I have never cooked with chives - sadly, I don’t even know where in the grocery I would buy them ? This sounds good! I wonder what I could use instead of soy sauce, since we don’t eat that?

    • gourmet burgers with chives magknj72@gmail.com

      Hi Caroline! In the recipe attached at the bottom of the Gourmet Burgers with Chives post I used Worcestershire sauce and that is very good as well!

  15. gourmet burgers with chives

    Wow! I probably shouldn’t have read this before I went to the store… :-/
    These sound yummy! I LOVE adding cheese to mine, and also finely chopped onions, which really make them so very juicy ?

    Can’t WAIT to grill out this weekend!!!!

  16. gourmet burgers with chives Elaine Hodges

    I love chives and had never thought about adding them to hamburgers. Will have to try. Thanks for sharing on the Healthy Living Link Party. We appreciate it.

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