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griffin 2

My dog Griffin.  What can I say about my dog Griffin?  He is sweet, docile, an attention hog, a food hog dog that likes to be where ever I am.

I got him about four years ago from the dog pound.  Actually, I got both of my dogs from the dog pound but unlike Gage, who was found wandering the streets at a few weeks old, Griffin was abandoned in a house.

The first month was kind of rough as he would freak out when I would leave for work and destroy my window blinds.  Trying to get out or find me I have no clue.  I had to buy a kennel to put him in while I was at work, which I think is terrible to do to dogs but I couldn’t keep buying new blinds.  Then he was getting out of the kennel so I had to put locks around the opening so he couldn’t squeeze out.  Finally after getting Gage he calmed down.

As you can see, in all the pictures he looks like he is in trouble.  He doesn’t like having his pic taken, usually he walks away from me.  Nadia is holding him in this one.  I am surprised he let me take the others.

I don’t know about other southern states (not that Missouri is very southern) but Missouri has chiggars.  I tiny bug in the grass that bites the daylights out of you and then you itch for a month.  We don’t have these nasty little things in Michigan so I had no clue til I had been out in the woods and got bit all over.  UGH!!!!  Anyway, these nasty little critters really affect Griffin every year.  His bites get very infected and he is miserable so I always have to treat the lawn.  They don’t seem to bother Gage though.

It is hard to tell but Griffin has the coat of a collie.  Since he has such long thick hair I get him shaved each summer.  This is the result.  White all over with a black streak down the center of his back….he looks so funny!  They said he was a shepherd/collie at the pound but he is too thick for that.  Plus his snout is short and his tail curls up.  I think he might be more of a chow/collie.

So this is my dog Griffin….Griffy for short or Schmiffin or nook.  He answers to all…by me anyway :)

griffin 2

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griffin 2


  1. griffin 2

    We adopted a shelter cat this year. He has totally changed our lives. Griffin is adorable, but he does look like he’s been in trouble in all the photos. How is it pets can tell when we are trying to take their pictures?

  2. griffin 2

    They’re both cuties. My cat doesn’t like having her picture taken either. I remember something about chiggars, but for some reason I remember them as an annoying, tiny, fuzzy plant part that sticks to everything it comes in contact with. So, I’m not remembering the right thing!

  3. griffin 2 Lisa Ehrman

    Griffin looks really sweet and is a nice looking dog, too! Sorry to hear about those awful chiggars (I grew up in Mississippi, so I know about the nasty things). It’s great that Gage made Griffin helped to settle down. :)

    Thanks for sharing your post at Together on Tuesdays!

  4. griffin 2

    Dogs are such wonderful companions. My grandson has a ‘big sister’ a miniature schnauzer and they have great times together. thanks for sharing with us at #anythinggoes

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