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Put A Ring On It | Maze Women's Health Blogs

There is a new form of start management on the market, and it is termed Annovera.  Annovera is a silicone ring, made up of two woman hormones, an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) a progestin (segesterone acetate).  Like other rings on the market, it is meant to be inserted into the vagina, and saved in position for 21 times.  Then eliminated for 7 times, through which the woman will get her “withdrawal bleed”.  When used correctly, it is just as effective at protecting against being pregnant (97.3% successful, according to the drug maker).  It can be utilised for the duration of intercourse, but if chosen, can be removed for up to 2 hours and then replaced.  It can also be used with tampons.  Having said that, it is crucial to maintain in mind that ANY process of hormonal contraception that suppresses ovulation can also lower your intercourse generate.  Annovera is also no distinct, in this regard.

What is new about this ring, you request?  What can make it different than the NuvaRing?  Properly, the big big difference is that this ring is meant to be used for an full calendar year!  That means it is very good for 13 cycles, which is 13 durations.  Other rings on the current market can only be applied for 1 thirty day period or 1 cycle, and are then discarded.  Annovera just requirements to be cleaned with gentle soap and water, patted dry and then reinserted following 7 days of withdrawal.  It also arrives with a compact storage scenario, so you can choose it with you where ever you go, and keep it protected from animals and small children.

What tends to make this ring interesting, you ask?  Nicely, in a submit COVID environment, when females are unwilling to depart their dwelling to go to the pharmacy – a approach of start manage that does not require a monthly renewal turns into desirable.  There have also been some concerning reviews about source chain concerns impacting the availability of particular kinds of prescription birth command and above-the-counter solutions, these kinds of as condoms.  Although this is fewer likely to be an immediate challenge in the U.S., shortages could impact everybody at some stage – and that will make it sensible to have a responsible technique at your fingertips.  Another profit is cost.  If the rate of beginning management had been to go up around the next yr – possibly thanks to source chain concerns, or decline of insurance policies protection then securing a set and flat up-front expense for your contraceptive now tends to make whole sense.  And from a world-wide health viewpoint, Annovera could most likely have a huge impression in establishing nations, exactly where females have to generate or wander many miles to acquire any type of healthcare. 

These are frightening occasions we are dwelling in, and women’s wellness may possibly undergo as end result.  The United nations not long ago projected 7 million unplanned pregnancies globally if the shutdown ended up to increase to 6 months.  Annovera provides a perfectly-timed option to the dilemma of entry in women’s health care.  Have a conversation with your supplier currently, to see if this sort of beginning command is ideal for you.

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