Putting My Dog Down

Today at 10:00 am my beloved dog, Gage, was sent to be with our Lord and Savior.  He was a 3 1/2 year old collie/shepherd suffering from seizures that were turning him aggressive and he was slowly losing control of his back legs.

I had decided last weekend that it needed to be done and had all week to accept it and I know he is in a much better place now but I am unbelievably sad.

I have never been sad like this over a dog before.  But then, I have never had to put one down in my adulthood.  I mean, I know he is just a dog but since I am such a home body with no social life he became such a huge part of me.  My home seems a bit empty now.

Nadia is handling it better than I am which seems strange because she is such a sensitive girl.  But she did mostly grow up on a farm and the view of  animals is certainly different, and it must be that way.

I so enjoyed the spark he had in him.  Always ready to play and have fun.  I will especially miss how he used to get on the sofa and lay on me.  He would so intently look at me while I spoke to him as if he understood, or at least wanted to :).  He was so very soft and fuzzy which made it extra fun to pet and love on him.

He had funny little quirks.  He burped a lot and talked all the time.  A play growl and a whine.  He loved it when I played fat & foot with him.  I would grab his foot and shake it then grab his fat and wiggle it and he would talk up a storm and lightly play bite my hands.  That was our favorite thing.

I know he is in a much better place, perfectly healthy.

I hope he was as happy that we were his humans as we were that he was our dog.


putting my dog down

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