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Say Something! | Maze Women's Health

On a latest episode of HGTV’s Fixer To Fantastic, Dave Marrs  playfully tells his wife, Jenny “your butt looks great in those jeans.” She smiles and many thanks him for the compliment. Just after what looks like an eternal silence, Dave suggests “you can also notify me my butt appears to be like great in my jeans, you know!”  While that was a quick interlude in the demonstrate, and they quickly bought back to dwelling renovations, that scene gave me pause for reflection.

I’m considering about lots of females I see at Maze Women’s Overall health, and a single in particular.  She has a nerve-racking position and her definition of a thriving working day is just finding by means of the day, with minor emotional funds remaining for a lot else. Her partner is a lot more inclined to express and articulate his feelings for her.  More than the years, he has normally been extra demonstrative of his affection for her. She is more of a “yup, me too” kind.  As the many years have long gone on this way, stated husband is feeling dispirited.

Existence and enjoy are actually blessings deserving of gratitude. A good and balanced lifestyle and a excellent really like are even much more so. We are all human and often we choose items for granted even though, deep in our heart, WE know how we truly feel.  In some cases, it is required to transform the thoughts in our heart into phrases from our mouth!

We see signs all about about threats to our security like “if you see a little something, say some thing.” Perhaps, to decrease threats to our most cherished interactions, it’s essential to say something in kind to your companion.

By the way, toward the conclusion of the exhibit, Jenny turns to Dave and claims, “hey, I like how your butt appears to be like in your jeans .”    

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