1. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    I used Noxzema for years now. Loved the old ad. When we rode our motorcycle I slathered on the sunblock. You can get burnt bad if you don’t. I haven’t had a bad sunburn for a long time thankfully. But I haven’t been to a beach in years either.

  2. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    That Noxema ad from the 70s is no joke. I remember people getting burns like that because all we had was stuff with very little coverage. My dad spent most of his career in the sun and now suffers the consequences with pre-cancerous spots being removed and a wash that he uses that makes him look like a burn victim. Color is good with moderation. Noxema definitely helps a mild burn. Thanks for sharing your post at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.

  3. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    Yes! I remember using Noxema on my husband a few times. I, thankfully, don’t burn, but he turns into a cherry at least twice a year. :) Great tip!

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  4. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    I remember when I was little, we didn’t if we sunburned or not. It hurt, but that was ‘part of the fun’. Crazy, isn’t it? I’m happy people changed mentality and started protecting themselves more.
    Thank you for sharing it on #TipTuesday.

    • sunburn remedies i have the best ever magknj72@gmail.com

      Yeah, for us on the lake, we didn’t mind suffering through a sunburn to get tan. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. sunburn remedies i have the best ever Lisa Ehrman

    Oh, I remember Noxema from the 70’s, too… :) Now, I just really try to stay as pale as possible. Good post! I should keep some for the summer, just in case :) Thanks for sharing at Together on Tuesdays!

  6. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    If I´m not careful I burn badly and I have used all sorts of creams and chilled aloe gunks but never noxzema. I´ll have to take your word for it though. Not gonna go get burnt on purpose! I loooooved the ad! Thats exactly what I look like if I dont take care. jajaja. Great post! #IBABLOGGERS

  7. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    My husband had a bad burn on Father’s Day (on his knee of all places!) and had a painful few days of it, even with the Aloe and the spray pain reliever. I looked at a lot of different sunburn relief ideas online and never once saw Nexema mentioned - interesting. I will have to grab a bottle and try it out next time
    Thanks for joining us at the #HomeMattersParty

  8. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    Good ole Noxema! I used to use it in middle school and maybe the start of high school. i didn’t even know it still existed. I will have to try this. I’m going to the beach this week and there are times when I have gotten sunburned. Never would have thought of Noxema. :)

  9. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    I guess we are all a bit more sun smart than we used to be. My mother in law always supplied strong back tea to take the heat out of sunburn.
    Mary thanks for sharing this interesting post on Fridays Blog Booster Party.

  10. sunburn remedies i have the best ever

    I forgot about Noxema! I used to love the feel of it on my face when I was a teen, but it always made me break out. I forgot about how awesome it is for sun burns though- thanks for the reminder!

    Found you via Best of the Blogosphere :)

    • sunburn remedies i have the best ever magknj72@gmail.com

      Makes me break out too! Now I just keep it on hand for sunburns. Thanks for stopping by Melissa!

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