The best way to clean gutters

The best way to clean gutters

The gutter is one of the most important constructions of a building. Its purpose is to direct rainwater to the sewer. Thus, moisture and natural damage such as corrosion to the walls can not occur. Therefore, gutters avoid building disasters and further costs for a home. Also, it is quite important to keep the gutters clean as we can save a lot of water.

Cleaning should be done regularly from Αποφράξεις Πειραιά and it is good to take care of it all year round and not only during rainy seasons. If the gutters remain clean you will save a lot of costly problems that may arise. However, a sudden downpour could easily cause problems in your home.

What does gutters stops?

Leaves, flowers, garbage and possible defects in the construction of the gutter are some of the causes that can at some point cause flooding or flooding in your area. This is because the water from the rains will encounter some obstacle in the gutter and therefore, it will not end up in the sewer well but instead will enter your interior spaces through whatever entrance it finds in its passage. 

Finally, each gutter is placed in a specific way to collect and discharge only water. But when it is placed sideways, problems arise because it can collect other random objects that are around the environment.

More specifically, a gutter can be clogged by objects such as rainwater which often carries soil or mud, leaves and branches that can fall from flower pots and in some cases, even building materials can clog the pipe. The narrow cross section of the pipe may be an additional reason. In this case you will need to install an expanding spout, a water collection box or make sure that the cross section of the pipe is not narrow.

Can i clean my gutters by myself?

Cleaning a gutter can be a daunting task when you decide to do it yourself. The only way to do this is to use a hose for watering. More specifically, you have to pour high pressure water into the gutter and then clean it thoroughly with a brush.But to do this job you have to climb a ladder and it takes a lot of care as there are quite a few people who have hit trying to clear a gutter.So the safest method is by using a special tool to clean gutters with a telescopic arm or by calling a good blockage company to do the job for you.

Maintenance of gutters

We recommend that you clean the gutters at least once a year if you want to avoid problems. The best time to do the cleaning is in the fall when the leaves of all the trees have fallen. Only then will you reduce the chance of the gutter becoming clogged with leaves and causing damage and flooding. Is like learning to ride a bicycle, when you learn it you never forget it!

Why you should choose our company?

If you want a complete cleaning in gutters and gutters you can make a call to us. The cleaning and handling of each sewer system is done with the most modern equipment. Our crews have many years of experience and are able to solve any problem related to your gutters and sewers. For any question that may concern you, we are available daily to solve it.

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