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Jesus Poem

This Jesus poem is a favorite of mine.  A favorite that reminds me of my slothfullness and failings.  I know, its weird to have a favorite thing that makes me feel guilty.

It reminds me of all the things I should be doing to serve the Lord.  Things that I have known for years but get lazy about.

It also reminds me that time is short and we never know when we will meet our maker.  I was reminded of  that when I was in a car wreck a couple years ago.  Having the philosophy of ‘put off today what you can do tomorrow’ is a big mistake.

But this poem also gives me goals to try to achieve.  And I don’t feel the shame I once felt when I first read this poem years ago which shows me how much I have grown in my walk with Christ.

If Jesus Came To Your House

If Jesus came to your house to spend a day or two,

If He came unexpectedly I wonder what you’d do.

Oh, I know you’d give your nicest room to such an honored guest,

and all the food you’d serve Him would be the very best.

And you would keep assuring Him you’re glad to have Him there,

that serving Him in your own home is a joy beyond compare!

But when you saw Him coming, would you meet Him at the door

with arms outstretched in welcome to your heavenly visitor?

Or would you need to change your clothes before you let Him in,

or hide some magazines and put the scriptures where they had been?

Would you turn off the radio and hope he hadn’t heard,

and would you wish you hadn’t uttered that last nasty word?

Would you hide your worldly music and put the hymn books out?

Could you let Jesus walk right in or would you rush about?

And I wonder of the Savior spent a day or two with you,

would you keep right on doing the things you always do?

Would you keep right on saying the things you always say?

Would life for you continue as it does from day to day?

Would your family conversation keep its usual pace,

and would you find it hard each meal to say a table Grace?

Would you sing the songs you always sing, & read the books you read,

and let Him know the things on which your mind and spirit feed?

Or would you sigh with great relief when at last He was gone?

It might be interesting to know the things that you would do

if Jesus Christ in person came to spend some time with you.

Author unknown

Hello! A Little About Me….

I am so glad you’re here! Just a little about me…..

First and foremost, I am a follower of Christ, to the best of my understanding. And I fall short all the time but I keep plugging along, learning & spiritually maturing as I go.

Then, I am a mother of three (KateLynn, Nadia & Joeb), grandmother of one (Aiden) self-employed political independent with two dogs (Gage & Griffin).

I love to cook, clean (believe it or not!), keep up on politics/current events, read (nonfiction), make arts & crafts, watch movies, discover new home remedies/cures and blogging.

I believe life is a progression and I have spent half my life (I’m 43) trying to figure out what kind of life I really want and how to get it.

I believe our Heavenly Father has a path intended for each of us. We all have to decide if we want to follow that path or go the way of the world. I stumbled a few times over the years (who hasn’t, right?) but now I know I am on the right track.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, thoughts, life & faith with you and I hope you will join me in this journey.

So, while your here, have a look around and thanks for stopping by! Mary